Rehabilitation can take place in the following settings;

  • Inpatient: This involves intensive, specialist rehabilitation for those who are not yet ready to return home following discharge from hospital. These units provide an ideal setting for further treatment and allow a structured daily rehabilitation programme to be put in place.
  • Outpatient: Those who are well enough to return home following discharge can receive treatment as an outpatient. This can take place at a local hospital or rehabilitation centre.
  • Community: Following inpatient rehabilitation some patients may be transferred to a residential transitional living unit. This allows them to develop more of the skills needed to live independently. Some may go straight home following an inpatient stay and should then be assisted by a community rehabilitation team or outreach team.

There are many rehabilitation units across the UK, some are NHS units and others private units.

The decision as to which unit to refer the injured person to is one that should be made with input from the clinical team, the patient (if they are able) and their family. The rehabilitation unit will usually carry out an initial assessment, which allows them to make sure their unit and the services they provide are suitable.

Most units, including private units, accept NHS referrals and will subsequently be funded by the NHS. There are other possible sources of funding, including;

  • Compensation claims
  • Local Authority
  • Medical insurance
  • Self-funding

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