Seeking a second opinion

If you wish to obtain a second opinion you can ask your GP or your treating consultant.

Whilst you do not have a legal right to a second opinion a healthcare professional is unlikely to refuse to refer you for one.

Before seeking a second opinion the NHS suggest speaking with your GP or consultant and asking them to go over your diagnosis and explain anything that you don’t understand.

Should your family or carer feel it is necessary to obtain a second opinion they can request this but only if they have your consent.

If after receiving advice from your GP you want a second opinion you can ask them to refer you to another GP.

If you want a second opinion after seeing a consultant you will need to return to your GP and ask them to refer you again.  If your GP agrees to make a second referral the new consultant will be advised that this is your second opinion, they will be also sent any relevant test results or x-rays previously carried out.

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