Making a complaint

If you have been dissatisfied with the care or treatment you have received, or been refused treatment for a condition, you have the right to make a complaint and have the complaint investigated.

The NHS has a two stage complaints process. The first stage is called Local Resolution.

Stage 1 – Local Resolution

You can make a complaint to either the Provider or the Commissioner of the health service you are dissatisfied with;

  • The provider is the organisation that provides a service to you, e.g. GP, dentist, hospital, pharmacist
  • The commissioner is NHS England
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) oversee hospital services, mental health services, out of hours and 111 services, amongst others
  • The complaint can be made either by you or by someone else with your permission.
  • According to the NHS complaints procedure the complaint should be made within 12 months of the event you are complaining about or as soon as the matter came to your attention. However, the time limit can be extended if the complaint can still be investigated.

In order for NHS England to investigate your complaint you must provide as much information as you can, to include;

  • Your name, email address/home address
  • A clear description of your complaint
  • Any relevant correspondence
  • Once the complaint has been investigated you will receive details of the findings from the investigation together with an apology.

Contact details for NHS England;
By post: NHS England, PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT
By email:
Marked ‘For the attention of the complaints manager’ in the subject line
By telephone: 0300 311 22 33

Stage 2

In the event that you are not happy with the findings the next step is to address the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) to review the complaint and how it has been dealt with.

By post: The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4Q

By email:

By telephone: 0345 015 4033

The PHSO undertake independent investigations into complaints that allege government departments and other public bodies, including NHS England, have not acted correctly or fairly or have provided a poor service.
Should you still be unhappy with the decision you can appeal directly to the PHSO.

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