Discharge information

Discharge policies vary from hospital to hospital.

Generally, when you arrive at hospital those in charge of your care will develop a plan for your treatment, which will include your discharge or transfer.

Your discharge/transfer date will be affected by;

  • How quickly your health/condition improves during your hospital stay
  • The support you require on your return home

Minimal discharge refers to those who are discharged from hospital and only require a small amount of care after they leave.

If you require more specialist care upon leaving hospital, your discharge/transfer will be referred to as a complex discharge.  This may be because;

  • You have ongoing health & social care needs
  • You need community care services
  • You need intermediate care
  • You are being discharged to a residential/care home

If you feel that you, your family member or friend is being discharged too early from hospital or a NHS rehabilitation centre contact us and we may be able to assist in securing a longer stay.

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