Why you should seek legal assistance

Serious injury, whether it is head and brain injury, spinal injury, amputation or other injury can and very often does have a lasting and life changing impact on the injured person, and their loved ones.

A multitude of physical and emotional difficulties can and will arise during the course of recovery and adjustment to what may be vastly altered life circumstances, and tragically in some cases death.

A serious brain/head injury can leave the sufferer with physical problems such as impaired or negligible movement, balance and speech problems, memory problems, concentration issues and altered personality and behaviour.

Serious spinal injury can impact on simple everyday tasks such as getting dressed, getting on to or off a bus or train, in to or out of a car, making things extremely difficult, or not possible at all without help.

Making a claim for compensation may not be the first thing any injured person or their loved ones think about.  However, in most cases the financial assistance that compensation can provide is vital, particularly if a family loses the income from a bread winner and/or extensive rehabilitation is required.

All too often the nature of services needed by the sufferers and families of serious injury are not fully understood or appreciated, and many who could bring a claim to provide much needed assistance, fail to do so.  Some because they wrongly think it may be their fault the accident occurred, some because they wrongly think compensation is ‘not for them’.  What ever the reason speak to us first.

Our Specialist Lawyers with decades of experience dealing with brain/head/spinal and other serious injuries will listen to your story and that of your family, put you first and get the evidence needed to prove your case.

They can assist with obtaining;

  • Immediate financial support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Case management
  • Housing alterations and adaptations
  • Long term financial assistance
  • Assistive technology
  • Vehicle modifications and adaptations

If someone else is responsible either in part or entirely for your serious injury then our dedicated, sensitive and approachable experts will be with you all the way to ensure that not only do you and your family obtain full compensation for your pain, suffering and financial loss, but that you get the best care, support and treatment to help you and your family adjust to the new circumstances.

When you should seek legal assistance

In a nutshell as soon as possible or as soon as you feel able.

The law imposes strict time limits in personal injury claims within which court proceedings must be started.

These time limits can and do vary dependent upon a number of factors including (but not exclusively) the nature of your injury or accident, where it happened and who the claim is against.

We would always advise that you speak to our specialist Serious Injury Lawyers about the precise time limits that apply in your case.

Generally under English and Welsh law, and in the vast majority of cases, the time limit is 3 years from the date of accident or 3 years from the date you became aware of the illness and that it might be related to your claim or if you have suffered from medical/clinical negligence, 3 years from the date on which you became aware you suffered harm as a consequence of medical treatment.

Please note, the time limits do not apply to children, who can proceed anytime before their 21st birthday, or to people who cannot manage legal affairs due to mental incapacity.

Time limits and legal procedures vary from country to country and can be much shorter than 3 years.  Also different time limits apply to acts of criminal violence which have resulted in injury (2 years).

For clear advice about the time limits that may apply speak to our specialist Serious Injury Lawyers on Freephone 0800 988 1549.

Will it cost anything to use your specialist lawyers?

Each case is assessed on its merits and the vast majority of serious injury cases are then dealt with on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, sometimes known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), and usually in conjunction with an insurance policy.

In essence if you win your claim the vast majority of legal costs and disbursements (e.g. medical fees, court fees, expert fees) will be paid by your opponent.

If you lose there is no financial cost to you or you family and no financial risks at all.

There are no hidden costs and the funding options will be thoroughly discussed with you.

For an initial free discussion please ring our specialist Serious Injury Lawyers on Freephone 0800 988 1549.

Can I talk to your specialist lawyers even if I have a lawyer?

The simple answer is yes, and the conversation will be free and without obligation.

If you are concerned about the way in which your claim is being handled you can of course raise your concerns with your lawyer.

If you are not happy with the response then you may want to consider a second opinion from our specialists.

Specialists who have a track record of helping clients dissatisfied with the advice or service they have received elsewhere, and who will be happy to talk to you at your convenience.

Got a Question?

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