Financial Assistance

An interim payment, in a civil claim for compensation, is a payment on account of the compensation that will ultimately be received, assuming your case is successful.

Essentially it is an advance on the compensation you will receive at the end of your case.

Interim payments are available in cases where liability (whether wholly or in part) is not strenuously contested by the defendants (party at fault) or when judgement has been entered against them by the Court.

An interim payment can assist with a number of things, including;

  • Rehabilitation
  • Adaptations to the home/car
  • Purchasing aids & equipment
  • Care & assistance
  • Cover loss of earnings
  • Private medical treatment

The amount which is received is dependent upon the individual case, and circumstances.

There is no limit to the number of interim payments that can be received, but the amounts do have to be proportionate to the likely overall amount of compensation that is likely to be paid at the conclusion of the case.

In serious injury cases it is usually the case that an interim payment will be required, and it may be that the defendants will make a voluntary payment.  However, often they are reluctant to do so and in this case an application can be made to the Court, who will then decide whether a payment should be made and for how much.  Legal advice should be obtained from specialist solicitors by those who are seriously injured, particularly where there may be a need for rehabilitation.  Contact our specialist Serious Injury Lawyers on Freephone 0800 988 1549.

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