Social Services – DWP

Services available from Social Services include;

  • Home care help, e.g. cleaning, shopping
  • Disability equipment and adaptations to your home
  • Day centres
  • Day care for your child/children
  • Care homes

To find out what help and support you need, a health and social care assessment will be carried out by your local Social Services.

Assistance is only available in England and Wales.

To request an assessment follow the link

NHS continuing healthcare

Those who have ongoing complex healthcare needs may be eligible for “NHS continuing healthcare”.

About NHS continuing healthcare

NHS continuing healthcare is a care package arranged and funded by the NHS, for those people who are not in hospital but have ongoing complex healthcare needs.


NHS continuing healthcare can be provided in any setting, such as;

  • The home – the NHS will be responsible for paying for healthcare services, such as a community nurse or therapist, and personal care, assistance with dressing, bathing etc.
  • Care home – together with healthcare and personal care services, the NHS will also fund care home fees, to include board and accommodation

Unlike services provided by local authorities NHS continuing healthcare is free if you are eligible.


To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare you must;

  • Be 18 or over
  • Have a complex medical condition
  • Have substantial and ongoing care needs
  • Have a ‘primary health need’ (your main/primary requirement for care must relate to your health)

Having a disability or being diagnosed with a long-term illness does not guarantee that you will be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare.

For more information on NHS continuing healthcare click the link

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